Mobile Robot Control

Moving an object from one position to another is one of the basic tasks of a robot. Normally equipped with some flexible manipulators, the robot could grip the object, pick it up and place it at the ideal position. But when the object is too large, heavy or complex to be gripped, as one kind of nonprehensile manipulation, pushing could play a great roll in these complex tasks. This project focuses on this pushing task, that a mobile robot pushes a rolling ball in an environment with obstacles, such as the Robocup field, and the ball can move through these obstacles without sliding away from the robot.

The topics involved in this project are as follows:
  • Object tracking: track and predict the ball's location and velocity in the dynamically changing environment.
  • Mobile robot control: control an omnidirectional robot based on the ball's location and velocity to provide the ball with consecutive pushing operations, such that the ball moves along the desired trajectories through the enviroment.

Fig.1 shows the omnidirectional robot and the orange ball. Fig. 2 shows how a ball is pushed along a sinusoidal trajectory .

Fig. 1 Omnidirectional robot and ball
Fig. 2 Ball tracks the path y=sinx


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