BioInform@tik: A Multimedia-based Learning Environment

The project "BioInform@tik" complements the recently established program in Bioinformatics offered at the University of Tübingen with multimedia-based self-studying modules. Funded by the Land Baden-Württemberg and the German Telekom AG with 1.3 million Euro over two years the research interest is focussed on the development of state-of-the-art computer-based teaching and learning environments.

Screenshot of the"Evolutionäre Algorithmen" learning environment

Eight sub-projects offer training opportunities in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Students might use these modules to enrich their learning experience offered by the regular lectures in these fields. Nevertheless, a stand-alone version for individual learners will be provided as well. Despite the ongoing hype about the use of multimedia in higher education the prime intention is not to "virtualize" the complete course of study. Only those lectures get media-based assistance where

  • it makes sense from a didactical point of view
  • it is technologically feasible
  • practical results can be achieved within two years.

The Cognitive Systems Department participates with an online course about evolutionary algorithms (EA). Having mastered the theoretical foundations of EA, students can further explore genetic algorithms and evolution strategies using EvA, an EA software suite developed at the Cognitive Systems Department in Tübingen.

The course will consist of the following components:

  1. Online text book "Evolutionary Algorithms" with interactive modules (Java applets/shockwave)
  2. Evolutionary Algorithm toolkit "EvA" (on supported Workstations and PC operating systems)
  3. EvA interactive tutorial,
  4. Online HTML user-manual,
  5. Broad Collection of benchmarks and reference applications

If you dare struggle with the German language, you can try out the online course "Evolutionäre Algorithmen" (you may need a password).

The BioInform@tik homepage (also in German) features more in-depth information on the project.


Simon G. Wiest, Tel.: (07071) 29-77176,