Identification of novel metabolite biomarkers for type 2 diabetes

The main target of this project is the identification of metabolite patterns, which can be used to develop a diagnostic test for pre-diabetic metabolic traits. Therefore, statistics, mathematical modelling and pattern recognition are used to analyze mass spectrometry data samples of the TULIP (TUebingen Lifestyle Intervention Program) cohort. The mathematical modelling and classification is based on differentially expressed mass-profiles of individuals, who show metabolic traits, i.e. who are at high risk to develop type 2 Diabetes mellitus. Machine learning methods are applied to infer a mathematical method, which is able to classify "pre-diabetic" versus "non diabetic" probands from their mass-profile-patterns only. The next step involves the application of Evolutionary Algorithms to extract an optimal metabolite pattern, which on the one hand is able to classify with high sensitivity and specificity and, on the other hand, has minimal complexity.

Data management and workflow

The data management and workflow platform for the biomarker project can be found here.
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Project Partners:

University Hospital of Tuebingen
Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen, Institute for Ecological Chemistry
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

This work is supported by the Kompetenznetz Diabetes mellitus (Competence Network for Diabetes mellitus) funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (FKZ 01GI0803-04).


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