Outdoor Robot

Our outdoor robot Arthur is an ATRV-JR mobile robot manufactured by RWI (Real World Interface), now iRobot. It is equipped with various sensors:

  1. a Sick LMS 200 laser range finder,
  2. a Small Vision stereo camera system mounted on a pan tilt unit,
  3. an Xsens MTi internal measurement unit,
  4. a DGPS receiver,
  5. 17 ultrasonic sensors, and
  6. odometry.

Below, you can see a picture of the robot.

Current research includes:

  1. vision-based selflocalization,
  2. terrain classification, and
  3. terrain mapping.


Karsten Bohlmann, Tel.: (07071) 29-77176, karsten.bohlmann at uni-tuebingen.de

Yasir Niaz Khan, Tel.: (07071) 29-78983, yasir.khan at uni-tuebingen.de