SEa Level Fluctuations in the Mediterranean: interactions with climate processes and vertical crustal movements (SELF II), a continuation of the project SEa Level Fluctuations: geophysical interpretation and environmental impact (SELF),is a EU-project in the environment and climate framework, which aims at long-term measuring and monitoring of sea-level fluctuations in the Mediterranean applying the most advanced geodetic techniques, such as satellite altimetry, airborne laser altimetry and high resolution GPS observation.

European obervation points

Furthermore, studies of past sea-levels in the Mediterranean are meant to improve our understanding of the current processes.

Finally effects of atmosphere/ocean interaction and crustal movements on sea-levels are studied in order to provide a basis for hazard assessment in coastal regions.

The University of Tübingen has made it its business to develop and train neural networks to analyse and forecast sea-level and atmospheric data. This includes the selection of appropriate neural network models and their training as well as the identification of the most relevant input parameters for neural nets.

List of SELF II project partners:

    associated partners from non EU countries:
  • Russia - Moscow, Moscow State Univ. of Geodesy and Cartography, Dr. Victor Lobasov
  • Bulgaria - Sofia, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - CLG, Prof. Valentin Manoilov Kotzev