Philipp Vorst, Jürgen Sommer, Christian Hoene, Patrick Schneider,
Christian Weiss, Timo Schairer, Wolfgang Rosenstiel, Andreas Zell, and Georg Carle

Indoor Positioning via Three Different RF Technologies

Proceedings of the 4th European Workshop on RFID Systems and Technologies (RFID SysTech 2008), Freiburg, Germany, June 10-11, 2008


The continuous tracking of mobile systems via active or passive RFID is a desirable but difficult to achieve objective. In this paper, we present our experimental results of positioning techniques using passive UHF RFID, Bluetooth, and WLAN. We thereby employ three orthogonal measuring techniques: detection rates, signal strength, and round trip time. The orthogonality of the methods is designed to achieve robustness to noise and unforeseen changes in the surroundings. Moreover, due to their different read ranges, the technologies can complement each other at different scales of the environment.


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