Integrated analysis of Cross-platform MicroArray and Pathway data

Release notes of InCroMAP version 1.2

  • New feature: probeset identifiers from Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina can now be used to import data.
  • Improved graph layout: Edges are now on top of nodes, DNA methylation is depicted in grey and edges to group nodes and at their border.
  • Improved: auto-detection of column contents when opening new expression data files.
  • Added feature: apply an edge-routing layout algorithm after pathway translation (see preferences).
  • Fixed: wrong pathway-based visualization of DNA methylation p-values.
  • Renamed group nodes from "undefined" to "Group".
  • Note: we have made changes to the InCroMAP cache. Therefore, you'll get the following error message the first time you start InCroMAP after the update: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: de.zbit.kegg.KeggInfoManagement. Please simply ignore this message!
  • Many further bugfixes and improvements in general.

Release notes of InCroMAP version 1.1

  • Many bugfixes and improvements in general.
  • Enhanced microRNA target mapping (example: "let-7" targets now also get assigned to "let-7c"
  • DNA methylation data not requires gene identifiers anymore. Based on chromosomal locations, InCroMAP now includes a promoter mapping procedure that can be used to map DNA methylation data to gene promoters.