Type Size Version
User Guide [PDF] 4 MB 2009-10-24
ModuleMaster (Java webstart) 512MB main memory 20 MB 2009-10-25
ModuleMaster (Java webstart) 1GB main memory 20 MB 2009-10-25
ModuleMaster (jar file)
Command line usage only!
20 MB 2009-10-25
Styles for a nicer HTML report 20 KB 2009-10-26
Sample datafiles for the tutorial 2.5 MB 2009-07-31



  • ModuleMaster needs the newest JAVA JRE (version 6 or newer). You can get Java from
  • At least 1 GB of main memory.
  • The downloadable jar-version of ModuleMaster is for command line usage only. Please see the documentation for more information on ModuleMaster command line capabilities. To use the graphical user interface, please use the webstart version. If you want to run the GUI on the downloadable version of ModuleMaster, you need to merge the ModuleMaster jar with the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) jar. Please download the version of SWT corresponding to your operating system at Extract both jars and merge them. We do not provide further support on this - use the webstart version instead.