Release Notes of SBML2LATEX version 0.9.9

Download of SBML2LATEX

You can always download the latest version of SBML2LATEX at

New Features

SBML2LATEX is now entirely based on JSBML 0.8 and does not depend on libSBML anymore.

We eliminated MIRIAM parser from the SBML2LATEX project because the new site provides the full functionality online; hence no parser is needed for the MIRIAM XML file, neither do we have to maintain this file up to date. Since our MIRIAM parser was written based on JDOM, which could now be removed from SBML2LATEX, the entire application has become much more light-weight and also much faster.

With these two major changes SBML2LATEX has therefore now become an integrable application for other Java programs.

SBML2LATEX has now an additional set of options that allow users to exclude certain sections from the report. In this way, it is, for instance, possible to generate only the derived ordinary differential equation system for a given model.

SBML2LATEX has now an online update notification.

Localization: the user interface of SBML2LATEX now supports German in addition to English. The reports generated by the program are, however, in English only.

Bug fixes

The command-line interface has been revised and improved.