Generating kinetic equations for biochemical networks


This work has been funded by a Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship awarded to Andreas Dräger within the EU 7th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development (project AMBiCon, 332020) and by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Germany) in the projects Virtual Liver Network (project number 0315756), National Genome Research Network (NGFN-Plus, project number 01GS08134), and Spher4Sys (grant number 0315384C).

Core Developers

The following people implemented wide parts of SBMLsqueezer:

Principal Investigators


During the years, many people contributed to this project. We are grateful to each contribution, such as source code, advice, proof reading and much more. In particular, we like to thank our former scientific advisors, colleagues, and students, who are here listed all together in alphabetical order: Meike Aichele, Hannes Borch, Alexander Dörr, Nadine Hassis, Marcel Kronfeld, Oliver Kohlbacher, Sarah Rachel Müller vom Hagen, Sebastian Nagel, Leif J. Pallesen, Alexander Peltzer, Julianus Pfeuffer, Matthias Rall, Sandra Saliger, Simon Schäfer, Adrian Schröder, Jochen Supper, Dieudonné M. Wouamba, Michael J. Ziller.

We also thank Shaowu Yang for providing the Chinese language pack for this program as well as Michael Römer for maintaining the Galaxy webservice and hence the online version of this software.

This project is promoted by:

European Commission Systems Biology Research Group BMBF Virtual Liver
Marie Curie IOF Systems Biology Research Group Federal Ministry for Education and Research Virtual Liver Network