Generating kinetic equations for biochemical networks

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Presentation on the COMBINE workshop: You can download the slides from the presentation of SBMLsqueezer 1.3 on the COMBINE workshop from Nature Precedings .  -   (draeger - 2010-10-20 9:05)

New convenient start script: To ease using SBMLsqueezer in stand-alone mode, you can download the example start-script, which demonstrate how to set environment variables correctly. It may be necessary to costumize this script for your particular environment.  -   (draeger - 2010-09-22 9:06)

Version 1.3 available: For the first time, SBMLsqueezer can now be used as a stand-alone application independent from CellDesigner. It is based on a completely new data structure, JSBML, and now even creates units for all elements in the model. Furthermore, SBMLsqueezer now contains a plethora of additional rate laws, in particular for gene-regulatory networks. The documentation Kinetic Laws has been completely revised and now covers detailed descriptions of all these new rate laws. An online version that does not require a local installation can now be used. See the download page. and the release notes for details.   -   (draeger - 2010-04-02 0:49)

Version 1.2.1 available: Bugs were corrected in the thermodynamically independent convenience kinetics and also in the Hill equation. You can download the new version of SBMLsqueezer at the download page. Please see the release notes for details.  -   (draeger - 2009-08-07 16:35)

Version 1.2 available: Many new features were introduced, SBMLsqueezer was better adjusted to CellDesigner 4.0.1, its data structure was improved and bugs were fixed. See the download page and the release notes for details.  -   (draeger - 2009-07-31 19:20)

SBML2LaTeX available: This convenient web service allows you to generate a PDF report file from your SBML file.   -   (draeger - 2009-02-28 19:11)

Version 1.1 available: Many improvments were introduced and bugs were fixed. See the download page and the release notes for details.  -   (draeger - 2009-02-09 18:07)

First Release: Launch the download link. Note that CellDesigner 4.0 α or higher is required for this program.  -   (draeger - 2008-04-28 09:23)

Documentation of older versions of SBMLsqueezer

For more information about releases of SBMLsqueezer prior to version 2, see the archive. There is also a quick tour through SBMLsqueezer 1.3, which you can read in order to better understand how this program works.

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