Generating kinetic equations for biochemical networks


Main program features

SBMLsqueezer reaction context menu
Figure 1 | SBMLsqueezer reaction context menu on Biomodel No. 390
  • Generates kinetic equations for all reactions in your model, or only for those reactions that are currently lacking a rate law with a large variety of generic and specific rate laws for several standard cases
  • Allows you to create all rate laws in a reversible manner.
  • Can detect reactive species, whose annotation indicates that these are genes.
  • Can assume that all reactions in your network are enzymatically catalyzed and hence change the selection of rate laws.
  • Defines the units of all species and compartments if necessary and derive the units for all newly created local and global parameters and numbers in order to ensure unit consistency of the entire model.
  • Can check the model for global and local parameters as well as unit definitions that are never used and addressed. SBMLsqueezer can automatically remove these from the model.
  • Imports experimentally determined rate equations from SABIO-RK and include them into your model.
  • Equips your model with default values where no values are defined.
  • Summarizes all features of the model in an exhaustive LaTeX-based model report.

Users' guide and kinetic laws

Requirements: Acrobat Reader (available from Adobe).

Document (pdf) Size Version
SBMLsqueezer 2.1 Users' Guide 4.2 MB 2015-08-10
SBMLsqueezer 2 Users' Guide 4.2 MB 2014-06-29
Revised Kinetic Laws 729 kB 2010-03-31
User Guide 960 kB 2008-04-28
Kinetic Laws 375 kB 2008-04-28

Application Programming Interface Documentation

For software developers, the source code of SBMLsqueezer is freely available (see the download section). Here we also offer the documentation of all methods and classes of all versions of SBMLsqueezer. Have a lot of fun when programing applications using SBMLsqueezer.


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Posters and diploma theses


See the documentation archive for more information about older versions of SBMLsqueezer.

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