Generating kinetic equations for biochemical networks


Please have a look into the release notes of the latest version of SBMLsqueezer. You can find all release notes in the table for each version of SBMLsqueezer. It would be nice if you register yourself in the SBMLsqueezer mailing list (see the registration form at the bottom of this page).

Registration (optional)

We would like to know who is using SBMLsqueezer in order to inform users about new versions or new examples. Please fill in your details before proceeding to download the application. The personal data entered (e.g., name, affiliation, and e-mail) will only be used by us to keep track of downloads. Apart from the above, your personal data will not be used for any other purpose nor divulged to third parties.


Binary (jar) Size Source Code (zip) Size Release Notes (html) Date
SBMLsqueezer 2.1 8.4 MB SBMLsqueezer 2.1 26 MB Release Notes 2.1 2014-08-10
SBMLsqueezer 2.0.1 7.7 MB SBMLsqueezer 2.0.1 23 MB Release Notes 2.0.1 2014-10-24
SBMLsqueezer 2.0 7.7 MB SBMLsqueezer 2.0 23 MB Release Notes 2.0 2014-06-30
SBMLsqueezer 1.3 3.2 MB SBMLsqueezer 1.3 4.2 MB Release Notes 1.3 2010-04-02
SBMLsqueezer 1.2.1 537 kB SBMLsqueezer 1.2.1 426 kB Release Notes 1.2.1 2009-08-07
SBMLsqueezer 1.2 437 kB SBMLsqueezer 1.2 313 kB Release Notes 1.2 2009-07-31
SBMLsqueezer 1.1 407 kB SBMLsqueezer 1.1 281 kB Release Notes 1.1 2009-02-09
SBMLsqueezer 1.0 362 kB SBMLsqueezer 1.0 229 kB SBMLsqueezer publication 2008-04-28

JSBML for CellDesigner 4.4

In order to use SBMLsqueezer 2.1 as a plug-in for CellDesigner 4.4, you will also need to download a special JSBML package here: JSBML 1.1α with dependencies. (For version 2.0 and 2.0.1 of SBMLsqueezer you will need this version of JSBML: JSBML 1.0β1 with dependencies).

Follow the installation instructions in the Users' Guide (see below). Please note, that you will have to rename the downloaded version of JSBML to match the name of the JSBML version that is shipped with CellDesigner. Otherwise, the installation of the plug-in requires additional modifications on CellDesigner's internal configuration files, which should be avoided.

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